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The Law Office of Perry Thomas PLLC

Prepared for Any Criminal Case

The Man With the Professional Skill to Defend You

Perry Thomas is an accomplished veteran trial attorney with more than 30 years of expertise in the courtroom. He has tried hundreds of criminal cases throughout his career.

Perry first developed a concern for individuals involved in the criminal justice system when he began his career as a prosecutor in East Texas in 1990. At that time, he tried misdemeanor cases ranging from theft to DWI. Soon afterward, he entered the felony division of the district attorney’s office, where he became known for his rigorous preparation and extensive understanding of the law and facts of a case.

His success culminated in his next title as Senior Trial Attorney in the felony division of the DA’s office. Working in an aggressive and busy prosecutor’s office helped Perry develop the courtroom proficiency and passion that has made him a successful attorney. As the Senior Trial Attorney, he was responsible for trying the most complex and high-profile cases. These included capital murders resulting in the death penalty.

After retiring and moving to the Texas Hill Country, Perry decided to re-enter the legal community and served as the First Assistant District Attorney for 4 years. His experience in this position gave him an even greater knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of the District Attorney’s office as well as law enforcement specific to the region.

After this, Perry moved on to form The Law Office of Perry Thomas PLLC, operating in and around Llano, Texas. With his decades of experience in criminal law, Perry has become adept at handling all criminal cases. From his competence in trying a myriad of misdemeanors to juvenile cases, to the most complex felonies, including capital murders, Perry is ready to represent you in this most important time of your life!

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